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2015 Calvert LSA form available 01/12/2015

2015 CLSA App

Use the 2015 Calvert LSA Procedures and Guidelines and Provider Information to complete the application accurately.

2015 Provider Information Sheet and Guidelines 01122014 Final

Start gathering your Required Documents now!  Be prepared for the Calvert LSA deadline date of March 16, 2015

Required Documents for a Complete 2015 Calvert LSA Mail-In Packet:

  • 2015 Calvert LSA fillable PDF
  • One (1) sealed, official High School Transcript /or one (1) official College Transcript
  • SAT / ACT Scores – downloaded copy is acceptable
  • SAR – Student Aid Report from the processed 2015-2016 FAFSA
  • Student Resume
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Academic Recommendation, and 1) Community Recommendation
  • Student Essay / Personal Statement as required from Section VII
      • Several Scholarship Providers require an additional Essay, in addition to the 2014 Calvert LSA Student Essay/Personal Statement – please review carefully.



2015 Scholarship Providers listed below require only the Calvert LSA Student Essay/Personal Statement

The following 2015 Scholarship Providers require their own Essay, in addition to the 2015 Calvert LSA Student Essay/Personal Statement

Questions???  Contact SoMD CAN at somdcan@comcast.net or call 410-474-4144 (M – F ; 9:00 am – 4:00 pm only)