Hello everyone! Not Lesa this time, my name’s Georgia and I’m a long time lurker of this blog. I stumbled across it way back when it started, and live been tuning in ever since. To all those who have written on this blog before me, my gratitude goes out to you! Many a bored moment in my life has been fixed with And now, excitingly, I’m part of the legacy! I have to thank, in some sad way, the pandemic for giving me the courage to reach out and get in touch to guest write. I’ve always dabbled with writing, fiction and non- fiction alike, but never taken the skill seriously. Too many years of my parents reiterating over and over that writing wasn’t a career, even as they turned away to their newspapers, and books, and cleverly written tv shows. I didn’t grow up in a household where you could tell your parents to check themselves and get off with little more than a warning. But as lockdown settled in, and I had all this extra time on my hands (my job had to close), I turned back to reading, writing, and learning.

Unfortunately, this blog couldn’t keep up with my ravenous desire for knowledge. So I wrote blogs That I would’ve wanted to read on here, doing all the research myself and editing all my copy until I had form, style. This is not one of those blogs, before you ask! I have dozens, literally, that I absolutely devoted myself to, skipping sleep so often and happily even my favourite eye serum couldn’t hide the evidence. I will say that’s probably a good thing, because eventually I needed the push from my housemate to take a break and rest. I think I was just trying to delay dealing with the mess the world was becoming. You see, I have a particular type of anxiety which only seems to plague me in regards to the health and wellbeing of other people, rarely taking shape of my own life. This was the ultimate feeding frenzy for my anxiety. So I needed to rest, cry, worry, try and fix my puffy eyes, sleep-one more, meditate, and prepare myself for the months to come. Because by the time I came out of my writing haze, we were all well aware that this wasn’t a minor inconvenience for travel, it was a serious tsunami wave of change that would ripple for a long time.

After I recovered, I went back to writing, but calmly. And I plucked up the courage to contact Lesa about publishing some of my writing here. Thankfully, she said yes! So look forward to my ramblings coming to your screen sometime soon. This was more of an introduction to my crazy, frantic mind. I hope you’ll decide to carry on with the ride!

2021 Goals

It’s better late than never! Even though we’ve just gotten into March, I have used this time to really think about what I want to achieve this year considering we’re still in a pandemic.

I think I want to read 21 books, and try a new hobby or skill each month. I’ve already tried punch needling which went alright, and crochet. I’m not sure about March hobby yet though! Please let me know if there’s something you tried and loved so that I can enjoy it too!

Christmas Traditions

Obviously, this year has been one where we’ve all realised how important the people around us are.

Because my family lives overseas, it’s been especially hard to come to terms with not being able to spend Christmas with them, alongside all the other special occasions like birthdays which have come and gone this year in and out of lockdown. One of my favourite traditions that we’ve done since I was just a toddler, is elaborate Christmas stockings.

Now you might here the word ‘elaborate’ and think expensive, or one tiny stocking in a slightly bigger stocking, and on and on until it’s as big as a person. Whilst that would be incredible, and I’m mad that I’ve only just come up with that idea now, it’s not exactly how it’s done in this family.

Each year one of us, there are only four, is in charge of all the stockings. Obviously my sister and I only started being in charge when we were older, but that’s beside the point. As the organiser, you can ask one thing from each other member, which they can’t discuss between themselves, as a little teaser or clue for what was to come on the big day. We have an approximate amount of $20 to spend when we’re not in charge. Have a caught your interest?

Last year my sister sent us on a murder mystery around the street on Christmas morning, which surprisingly involved the majority of our neighbours. Each had a character, which was when my father said “oooohhhhh”, as he realised what the eight assorted masks he was asked to provide were for. Hilariously, the character responsible for kidnapping Santa Claus was either going to be an old witch, a dog, Dobby from the Harry Potter series, an elephant, Anonymous, Batman, a masqueraded princess or, here’s the kicker, Mrs Claus. My sister was in hysterics when we came to her door last. I won’t explain the whole thing, because it’s an entire saga in itself, but it shows you how seriously we take this day!

But this year will be the first where a virtual stocking reveal will be required, and none other than me is responsible for it. I decided, that because I don’t want to miss out on the fun, and it’s been a pretty draining year overall, that I would make something really nice for them. Pampering, each tailored to their own perfect spa day. I’ve asked my sister to source some silk eye masks, my father some ambient spa music, and my mother a cardboard cut out of me in a dressing gown. Just one though! And now I’m in the process of putting together some luxury Christmas Stocking Fillers to seal the deal! I’ve already got face masks, those sock masks for your feet, and lip and eye care for them. I’m thinking all we need is a bottle of rose, and embroidered robes! Depending on shipping costs, of course!

Let me know what your Christmas traditions are! And if enough of you like my murder mystery story, I’ll explain it another week!

Early Days with Skin

I know I’ve spoken about my journey with makeup, but I wanted to also talk about my journey with skincare. I guess there’s usually a specific point in time when girls are introduced to makeup, both the cheap sparkly type and then the real deal, and maybe boys too when they’re older and realise there’s no need for the taboo, but when it comes to skincare I’ve always found the distinction blurry.

You see, it wasn’t that my mother and I weren’t close, but she didn’t take on a particularly mentor-y role when I was growing up, and my sister never had any interest in showing me anything, not that her experience was probably any different to mine with our mum. My friends and I at school we’re those kinds of girls either, that divulged everything about ourselves on the more nervous, embarrassed end of our teenage experience. I don’t think I would have ever really become concerned with my skin if it weren’t for a long-standing battle with the large, sprawling pimples which claimed my face as their own territory. That was the first time I remember being self-conscious about my skin, and developed a particularly nasty habit of picking at them, which just seemed to make it all worse.

But I was never brought to the dermatologist, or walked through the skincare aisle of the local pharmacy, I had to ask my mother every time we went grocery shopping for anything that blasted the anti-acne message on all their packaging. Some stung, some burned. Most I struggled to stay in the habit of. I was never told to wash my face every day, and for the most part, I didn’t. I think it’s safe to say that if I could go back in time to my fifteen year old self, with my current knowledge, things would be very different. It wasn’t really until I was twenty and working at a large women’s pharmacy I was finally introduced the wonderful world of taking proper care of your skin. Without the worry of splashing too much cash, staff discount and freebies were a blessing, I properly tried and tested plenty of products and started to learn what did, and didn’t, work for my skin. That was another lesson to learn… Just because I wasn’t getting the results from my skincare didn’t mean it was a bad product, it just didn’t suit my skin.

It’s still been an interesting journey in the years since that happened, with hormones going up and down at their own will, fighting with makeup affecting my skin, city pollution, and now mask wearing, but I was very certain not to repeat the mistakes of my parents. My daughter is now reaching that age I was at when the acne decided to kick into gear, and I have been as hands on as a mother can be when it comes to their child’s skincare routine. I haven’t always found the best products first go, but this time I did for her. We did our research and found a naturals-driven brand and bought a selection of skincare products for her to use. I don’t know if I can overstate this… They worked wonders. A literal miracle. I’m jealous, I won’t lie, because she has almost clear skin, save a couple rogue pimples, and a skincare routine tailored to her specific problems. I was worried about her, but it seems there’s no need.

I know this is a tad rambled, but I guess I’m just interested in how people come to care about their skincare. Are there people out there who neither learnt from their family, nor lacked interest until they received some proper information? Did anyone out there independently get on top of it, or are there people who never had to do anything? Any horror stories? Let me know!

Early Days With Makeup

Getting into makeup is something women do at various points in their lives with various situations surrounding this deep dive into the world of cosmetics. Some people have their mom, maybe a nice older sister or a tolerable older sister to show them how things are done. Now some people don’t really get into makeup until they’re a bit older. I said older not when they are old. I’m still young okay. I understand there are some girls out there who say things like “oh I don’t wear makeup why would I waste my time trying to look good for some stupid boy” and by some people I mean me at age 16. Yeah I tried almost comically hard to go against societal and social standards for beauty for a long time. I don’t know who or what I was trying to go against but I guess teenagers do dumb things and they can carry those crazy ideas all the way until they’re adults.

Let me just be clear everyone’s free to live their lives however which way they want but doing it the way I did just isn’t a good way to go about things. I’m talking like this because I recently started learning how to use makeup and how to use it properly. Why did I do it? Because I realized there was nothing wrong with putting on some makeup to make myself look a little better. It was just like wearing my Sunday clothes for a job interview. Maybe to some people I didn’t look the best but I felt great and I’m sure the people I interacted with could feel that too. The issues I ran into with makeup were mostly that I had literally zero idea on how anything worked. I didn’t know which Amazon makeup primer I should buy; I didn’t even know what I needed to buy for that matter. But I had my sister and despite me calling her out for so many years about using makeup she was excited to help. I don’t think any one thing is ever going to fix all your problems but I don’t think it’s wrong to use makeup to make yourself feel a little better. So for any young girls out there reading don’t be afraid to try makeup but also don’t be afraid to avoid it just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

A minor setback

I’ve been going over a lot of stuff that I’d been planning to write about lately but my creative juices kicked in and I decided to scrap most of it. If that sounds insane to you don’t worry I think I’m crazy too. But just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean you should suffer so I’ll still have a new article ready for you guys soon! Why did I make this post? No reason just wanted you guys to be all caught up in my life I guess.

The best gifts to buy bearded men for Christmas

The best gifts to buy bearded guys for Christmas is a bit of a strange question. Bearded men aren’t magical unicorns or some other mythical being, they’re just men who have made the lifestyle decision to grow facial hair that may just make them look like a God from the ancient Greek pantheon. But if there’s someone like this in your life that you want to get a gift for here are a few ideas that might be able to help you.

Beard Stuff

Well you were asking about a guy with a beard so obviously his beard’s going to mean a lot to him otherwise that wouldn’t be a defining characteristic for you gift choosing process. If you have no idea what beard stuff is however here’s a way to help. A nice gift that I can recommend is the Percy Nobleman’s Beard Care Kit which is the picture you see above. If that’s not in the cards then it’ll be helpful for you to find out which brand he uses because maybe he doesn’t use everything they put out yet. Check out his beard care products, his beard hygiene products, and his beard styling products. Ask around and do your research maybe there’s a stellar beard care product he hasn’t been able to try yet. Finding him a whole beard kit is probably the best option since it will have all the necessary products in it but it won’t cost you all too much since beard kits tend to be relatively cheaper due to sizing. You’re playing the numbers game in this scenario because there will be like 10 products in there he’s bound to like a thing or two.

Level up his gear

Now he’s probably got a personality and preferences outside of his beard so a nice direction to go in terms of gift giving would be to look at his stuff. Maybe he’s had the same watch for 6 years and it’s starting to look a little worn or maybe he’s the type of guy who only owns 1 jacket or 1 pair of shoes. The point is we aren’t kids anymore and very rarely will we complain nowadays about getting clothes and such for our Christmas present. As a personal anecdote my buddy got me a plain black hoodie that was cheap but had nice material as a guy who only owned 1 jacket before that I very much appreciated the gesture, as did the jacket which finally got to take a day off after 2 years.

Half way through the year

What a year it’s been so far! Quite a lot of significant things have happened in my personal life and I’ve also set up this brand new blog!

In that vein I wanted to quickly tell you that more awesome blog posts are being readied for deployment. It’s only a matter days now before the next one is up!

A serum you don’t want to overlook

We’re back once again with something special. Today our guest blogger is Janine. She has over 30 years of experience working in the beauty industry and definitely knows a thing or two about it to say the least!

We put a lot of effort into persuading her to guest blog for us today so we’re thrilled that we finally got her on-board.

Please do your best to welcome her and make her feel like part of the family. Ok, without further a do, Janine take it away!

Thanks guys!

I’m not sure whether everyone will have me back to write again so I really want to make the most of this opportunity. I thought what better thing to talk about than my absolute favourite go-to product right now.

Applying serum to face

It is something I have been using on my skin daily for over a year now and what a transformation I have witnessed

Derived from a number of natural oils, this thing is packed full of so many antioxidants that each day I get excited for that feeling I experience just after applying it.

If you haven’t guessed what I am talking about yet then I cannot blame you – I haven’t been too descriptive. But perhaps some of you have an inkling after hearing the effect it’s had on my skin.

The product in question is something that is marketed as Night Repair Serum. I am personally not too sure what that means (apart from the fact that you should use it in the evenings). What I do know however, is that it is probably the simplest, quickest and easiest way to improve your skin. Just applying a few drops and rubbing it across your face each night will perform miracles. There’s not much more I can say about it, other than the fact that I could not recommend it more highly!

Trust me, you have to try it to believe it!

Well into the year now

We’re almost 1/6th of our way through the year. Can you believe that! I certainly can’t.

So much has already happened, i’d probably need another 4 or 5 blog posts to keep you up to speed. That’s exactly what I have coming your way, starting with one I’m particularly proud of that will be up in a few days.