Christmas Traditions

Obviously, this year has been one where we’ve all realised how important the people around us are.

Because my family lives overseas, it’s been especially hard to come to terms with not being able to spend Christmas with them, alongside all the other special occasions like birthdays which have come and gone this year in and out of lockdown. One of my favourite traditions that we’ve done since I was just a toddler, is elaborate Christmas stockings.

Now you might here the word ‘elaborate’ and think expensive, or one tiny stocking in a slightly bigger stocking, and on and on until it’s as big as a person. Whilst that would be incredible, and I’m mad that I’ve only just come up with that idea now, it’s not exactly how it’s done in this family.

Each year one of us, there are only four, is in charge of all the stockings. Obviously my sister and I only started being in charge when we were older, but that’s beside the point. As the organiser, you can ask one thing from each other member, which they can’t discuss between themselves, as a little teaser or clue for what was to come on the big day. We have an approximate amount of $20 to spend when we’re not in charge. Have a caught your interest?

Last year my sister sent us on a murder mystery around the street on Christmas morning, which surprisingly involved the majority of our neighbours. Each had a character, which was when my father said “oooohhhhh”, as he realised what the eight assorted masks he was asked to provide were for. Hilariously, the character responsible for kidnapping Santa Claus was either going to be an old witch, a dog, Dobby from the Harry Potter series, an elephant, Anonymous, Batman, a masqueraded princess or, here’s the kicker, Mrs Claus. My sister was in hysterics when we came to her door last. I won’t explain the whole thing, because it’s an entire saga in itself, but it shows you how seriously we take this day!

But this year will be the first where a virtual stocking reveal will be required, and none other than me is responsible for it. I decided, that because I don’t want to miss out on the fun, and it’s been a pretty draining year overall, that I would make something really nice for them. Pampering, each tailored to their own perfect spa day. I’ve asked my sister to source some silk eye masks, my father some ambient spa music, and my mother a cardboard cut out of me in a dressing gown. Just one though! And now I’m in the process of putting together some luxury Christmas Stocking Fillers to seal the deal! I’ve already got face masks, those sock masks for your feet, and lip and eye care for them. I’m thinking all we need is a bottle of rose, and embroidered robes! Depending on shipping costs, of course!

Let me know what your Christmas traditions are! And if enough of you like my murder mystery story, I’ll explain it another week!