Early Days with Skin

I know I’ve spoken about my journey with makeup, but I wanted to also talk about my journey with skincare. I guess there’s usually a specific point in time when girls are introduced to makeup, both the cheap sparkly type and then the real deal, and maybe boys too when they’re older and realise there’s no need for the taboo, but when it comes to skincare I’ve always found the distinction blurry.

You see, it wasn’t that my mother and I weren’t close, but she didn’t take on a particularly mentor-y role when I was growing up, and my sister never had any interest in showing me anything, not that her experience was probably any different to mine with our mum. My friends and I at school we’re those kinds of girls either, that divulged everything about ourselves on the more nervous, embarrassed end of our teenage experience. I don’t think I would have ever really become concerned with my skin if it weren’t for a long-standing battle with the large, sprawling pimples which claimed my face as their own territory. That was the first time I remember being self-conscious about my skin, and developed a particularly nasty habit of picking at them, which just seemed to make it all worse.

But I was never brought to the dermatologist, or walked through the skincare aisle of the local pharmacy, I had to ask my mother every time we went grocery shopping for anything that blasted the anti-acne message on all their packaging. Some stung, some burned. Most I struggled to stay in the habit of. I was never told to wash my face every day, and for the most part, I didn’t. I think it’s safe to say that if I could go back in time to my fifteen year old self, with my current knowledge, things would be very different. It wasn’t really until I was twenty and working at a large women’s pharmacy I was finally introduced the wonderful world of taking proper care of your skin. Without the worry of splashing too much cash, staff discount and freebies were a blessing, I properly tried and tested plenty of products and started to learn what did, and didn’t, work for my skin. That was another lesson to learn… Just because I wasn’t getting the results from my skincare didn’t mean it was a bad product, it just didn’t suit my skin.

It’s still been an interesting journey in the years since that happened, with hormones going up and down at their own will, fighting with makeup affecting my skin, city pollution, and now mask wearing, but I was very certain not to repeat the mistakes of my parents. My daughter is now reaching that age I was at when the acne decided to kick into gear, and I have been as hands on as a mother can be when it comes to their child’s skincare routine. I haven’t always found the best products first go, but this time I did for her. We did our research and found a naturals-driven brand and bought a selection of skincare products for her to use. I don’t know if I can overstate this… They worked wonders. A literal miracle. I’m jealous, I won’t lie, because she has almost clear skin, save a couple rogue pimples, and a skincare routine tailored to her specific problems. I was worried about her, but it seems there’s no need.

I know this is a tad rambled, but I guess I’m just interested in how people come to care about their skincare. Are there people out there who neither learnt from their family, nor lacked interest until they received some proper information? Did anyone out there independently get on top of it, or are there people who never had to do anything? Any horror stories? Let me know!