Growth! And In Particular Beard Growth!

Hey again guys. Since my last post I can safely say that I believe I have grown as a person. Even more importantly though, my beard has grown at an alarming rate.

I’m not quite sure what affects the rate of hair growth, and how it differs from person to person. Perhaps testosterone plays a role. All I know is that, since growing out my beard for the first time, it really does grow at an incredible rate. It’s grown almost two centimetres in length since last month!

This new growth and sheer volume of hair on my face has forced me to search for different products to use to help keep my beard in shape. As time goes by it’s getting more and more difficult to keep it under wraps. Who knew beard grooming could be such a chore?

Applying Moustache Wax

That’s what I thought, until at least I discovered something called beard wax. I heard oil of oil, I’d heard of shampoo, I’d heard of brushes, scissors and combs, but it wasn’t until recently that I first heard of using wax in your beard.

After initially hearing this, I thought it was an incredibly strange practice to undertake. I remember talking about it with one of my friends. He raved about wax, and how his beard really started taking shape after he began using it.

Belatedly, I decided to give it a try. I’ll tell you now, making that leap was the single most significant decision I have made in terms of my facial hair. The wax does an awesome job of really keeping it under control.

You see, I have quite a rebellious beard. Quite often I wake up in the morning and it looks like a bomb went off in my room! My hair is ruffled and the hairs on my face look like they’ve been electrocuted!

After a quick wash, I’ve found that using this particular moustache wax does a great job of restoring everything back to normal. Although it is marketed as for moustaches only, I’ve found it does just as good a job on my beard, so that’s how I use it.

I hope this post has been helpful and informative and you end up using some of the information to help you improve your grooming regime. Thanks!