How to Empower your Beard

Want to find out how to empower your beard? Wondering what the hell it is I’m talking about.

Sit tight, putting your reading glasses on and don’t go anywhere….I’m about to enlighten you.

In this day and age it’s not hard to find a gentleman with a long and full beard. They truly are ten a penny – especially if you happen to live in Brooklyn, New York (or Hackney, London!).

What I once assumed would be a passing fad has well and truly ridden the wave of popularity and embedded itself in popular culture and what’s deemed acceptable.

The problem with all these beards though, is that a lot of them aren’t really that great. So many people try, yet so many people fail.

Despite my previous sentence where I stated that full bearded men seem to be ten a penny, after a bit of observation it’s not difficult to come to the conclusion that young man with pathetic, weak straggly beards that look more like a bit of goats hair than anything else, are even more commonplace and widespread.

weak straggly beard

My point is, so many young men try to grow a beard but fail miserably. Rather than accept defeat, and shave off their horrendous efforts, they continue to keep the semonstrosities on their faces!

If you’re reading this and suddenly think, ‘Oh my god, he’s talking about me!’, then I’ve got some interesting information for you. Keep reading, I’m about to tell you how to empower your beard!

Now this isn’t some phone method of increasing your hair growth rate or anything like that. All I want to do is explain to you exactly how I make my beard feel and look its best each and every day. This can help every kind of beard owner – from full to pathetic.

The answer is beard wash. I use this stuff every morning in the shower. Just like a regular body wash, you create a lather in your hand then apply to your face, working your hands through it thoroughly. After a few minutes of this you wash it out with the warm water from the shower.

And that’s it! Follow this step every day and the hair on your face will begin to feel amazing in no time. You’ll be feeling more empowered than ever!