Hello everyone! Not Lesa this time, my name’s Georgia and I’m a long time lurker of this blog. I stumbled across it way back when it started, and live been tuning in ever since. To all those who have written on this blog before me, my gratitude goes out to you! Many a bored moment in my life has been fixed with And now, excitingly, I’m part of the legacy! I have to thank, in some sad way, the pandemic for giving me the courage to reach out and get in touch to guest write. I’ve always dabbled with writing, fiction and non- fiction alike, but never taken the skill seriously. Too many years of my parents reiterating over and over that writing wasn’t a career, even as they turned away to their newspapers, and books, and cleverly written tv shows. I didn’t grow up in a household where you could tell your parents to check themselves and get off with little more than a warning. But as lockdown settled in, and I had all this extra time on my hands (my job had to close), I turned back to reading, writing, and learning.

Unfortunately, this blog couldn’t keep up with my ravenous desire for knowledge. So I wrote blogs That I would’ve wanted to read on here, doing all the research myself and editing all my copy until I had form, style. This is not one of those blogs, before you ask! I have dozens, literally, that I absolutely devoted myself to, skipping sleep so often and happily even my favourite eye serum couldn’t hide the evidence. I will say that’s probably a good thing, because eventually I needed the push from my housemate to take a break and rest. I think I was just trying to delay dealing with the mess the world was becoming. You see, I have a particular type of anxiety which only seems to plague me in regards to the health and wellbeing of other people, rarely taking shape of my own life. This was the ultimate feeding frenzy for my anxiety. So I needed to rest, cry, worry, try and fix my puffy eyes, sleep-one more, meditate, and prepare myself for the months to come. Because by the time I came out of my writing haze, we were all well aware that this wasn’t a minor inconvenience for travel, it was a serious tsunami wave of change that would ripple for a long time.

After I recovered, I went back to writing, but calmly. And I plucked up the courage to contact Lesa about publishing some of my writing here. Thankfully, she said yes! So look forward to my ramblings coming to your screen sometime soon. This was more of an introduction to my crazy, frantic mind. I hope you’ll decide to carry on with the ride!