More College bound advice

More College bound advice

Don’t stop looking for scholarship money!

You may feel that you missed the boat on this one, because you didn’t file more than 100 scholarship applications; but don’t become dismayed. As a high school graduate, you still need to keep on top of what scholarships might be available to incoming college freshman.

One of the first steps to take is to register on a FREE scholarship search site; ideally, www.fastweb.com or evenwww.collegeboard.com . These two sites are nationally popular and therefore get tons of hits and tons of incoming offers daily. After weeding through the hundreds or thousands of scholarships that will come up and that you MAY have eligibility for, then do a more specialized search.

That would be to look at the college you plan to enroll in, there may be scholarships that are degree specific, or scholarships that are for 1st generation college bound students, or scholarships/grants that are based on your financial need.

For students who are still in high school, start your scholarship search today! The students who are getting bombarded with national, state, regional, and local scholarships are the ones who are prepared early in their high school careers. Make scholarship search a “hobby”. I know it sounds crazy, but to play the game you have to practice. The practice starts in 9th grade by identifying scholarships that you may have eligibility to.

Keep an accordian folder with the application sheets alphabetically and keep a master spreadsheet with the names, websites, and deadline dates of those scholarships. Even if you can not apply today, perhaps you can apply in the summer between your junior and senior year or during your senior year in high school.

This is what I mean by making scholarship searching a “hobby”. Get your whole family involved. Turn over all the rocks, one of them may be a jewel waiting to be plucked!

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