A serum you don’t want to overlook

We’re back once again with something special. Today our guest blogger is Janine. She has over 30 years of experience working in the beauty industry and definitely knows a thing or two about it to say the least!

We put a lot of effort into persuading her to guest blog for us today so we’re thrilled that we finally got her on-board.

Please do your best to welcome her and make her feel like part of the family. Ok, without further a do, Janine take it away!

Thanks guys!

I’m not sure whether everyone will have me back to write again so I really want to make the most of this opportunity. I thought what better thing to talk about than my absolute favourite go-to product right now.

Applying serum to face

It is something I have been using on my skin daily for over a year now and what a transformation I have witnessed

Derived from a number of natural oils, this thing is packed full of so many antioxidants that each day I get excited for that feeling I experience just after applying it.

If you haven’t guessed what I am talking about yet then I cannot blame you – I haven’t been too descriptive. But perhaps some of you have an inkling after hearing the effect it’s had on my skin.

The product in question is something that is marketed as Night Repair Serum. I am personally not too sure what that means (apart from the fact that you should use it in the evenings). What I do know however, is that it is probably the simplest, quickest and easiest way to improve your skin. Just applying a few drops and rubbing it across your face each night will perform miracles. There’s not much more I can say about it, other than the fact that I could not recommend it more highly!

Trust me, you have to try it to believe it!