Early Days With Makeup

Getting into makeup is something women do at various points in their lives with various situations surrounding this deep dive into the world of cosmetics. Some people have their mom, maybe a nice older sister or a tolerable older sister to show them how things are done. Now some people don’t really get into makeup until they’re a bit older. I said older not when they are old. I’m still young okay. I understand there are some girls out there who say things like “oh I don’t wear makeup why would I waste my time trying to look good for some stupid boy” and by some people I mean me at age 16. Yeah I tried almost comically hard to go against societal and social standards for beauty for a long time. I don’t know who or what I was trying to go against but I guess teenagers do dumb things and they can carry those crazy ideas all the way until they’re adults.

Let me just be clear everyone’s free to live their lives however which way they want but doing it the way I did just isn’t a good way to go about things. I’m talking like this because I recently started learning how to use makeup and how to use it properly. Why did I do it? Because I realized there was nothing wrong with putting on some makeup to make myself look a little better. It was just like wearing my Sunday clothes for a job interview. Maybe to some people I didn’t look the best but I felt great and I’m sure the people I interacted with could feel that too. The issues I ran into with makeup were mostly that I had literally zero idea on how anything worked. I didn’t know which Amazon makeup primer I should buy; I didn’t even know what I needed to buy for that matter. But I had my sister and despite me calling her out for so many years about using makeup she was excited to help. I don’t think any one thing is ever going to fix all your problems but I don’t think it’s wrong to use makeup to make yourself feel a little better. So for any young girls out there reading don’t be afraid to try makeup but also don’t be afraid to avoid it just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.