The best gifts to buy bearded men for Christmas

The best gifts to buy bearded guys for Christmas is a bit of a strange question. Bearded men aren’t magical unicorns or some other mythical being, they’re just men who have made the lifestyle decision to grow facial hair that may just make them look like a God from the ancient Greek pantheon. But if there’s someone like this in your life that you want to get a gift for here are a few ideas that might be able to help you.

Beard Stuff

Well you were asking about a guy with a beard so obviously his beard’s going to mean a lot to him otherwise that wouldn’t be a defining characteristic for you gift choosing process. If you have no idea what beard stuff is however here’s a way to help. A nice gift that I can recommend is the Percy Nobleman’s Beard Care Kit which is the picture you see above. If that’s not in the cards then it’ll be helpful for you to find out which brand he uses because maybe he doesn’t use everything they put out yet. Check out his beard care products, his beard hygiene products, and his beard styling products. Ask around and do your research maybe there’s a stellar beard care product he hasn’t been able to try yet. Finding him a whole beard kit is probably the best option since it will have all the necessary products in it but it won’t cost you all too much since beard kits tend to be relatively cheaper due to sizing. You’re playing the numbers game in this scenario because there will be like 10 products in there he’s bound to like a thing or two.

Level up his gear

Now he’s probably got a personality and preferences outside of his beard so a nice direction to go in terms of gift giving would be to look at his stuff. Maybe he’s had the same watch for 6 years and it’s starting to look a little worn or maybe he’s the type of guy who only owns 1 jacket or 1 pair of shoes. The point is we aren’t kids anymore and very rarely will we complain nowadays about getting clothes and such for our Christmas present. As a personal anecdote my buddy got me a plain black hoodie that was cheap but had nice material as a guy who only owned 1 jacket before that I very much appreciated the gesture, as did the jacket which finally got to take a day off after 2 years.